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Fun gift ideas for child in hospital UK deliveryFun gifts to send to cheer up children who are recovering at home

If you are looking for a gift to cheer someone up, this Cheery Sunflower Gift, with our very own Sow & Grow Sunflower Tin, could be just what you are looking for to brighten someone's day and make them smile.


Kids and the young at heart will love to receive this present as sunflower seeds are very easy to grow and it doesn't take long to see some results. The tin contains fresh soil ready to plant the enclosed packet of sunflower seeds.


This cheery gift includes a Sow & Grow Sunflower Tin, a bright yellow plant label which also acts as a handy little dibber, a yellow A5 notepad and coloured felt tipped pens.


This present is packaged in a gift box lined with bright yellow tissue, shredded paper and wrapped with yellow ribbon.



Unique to Comfy Gifts, our carefully selected presents include our Sow & Grow Tins. Little tins packed with nutrient rich soil and foil wrapped seeds ready to sow as soon as the lid is opened. Choices for our grow your own flower tins are currently pretty sweet pea, fragrant lavender and especially for children, a cheery sunflower or a spiky cactus plant. Our grow your own herb selection includes refreshing mint or try chilli if you prefer something hot. Our mini Sow & Grow Gift Sets, at £9 each, are packaged in a gift box lined with colour co-ordinated tissue paper and a matching felt plant mat.

The act of planting the seeds and the pleasure of seeing them grow is theraputic, can lift someone's spirits and make them smile, ideal for those recovering from an illness, injury or a stressful time.